Mt. Vernon Triangle

Greetings from Dystopia City


I barely recognize this part of town anymore. Yeah, it used to be rundown; had a lot of vacant lots; and was pretty much a mess – but still, the buildings themselves were great. They were solid rowhouses, no different than the ones anywhere else in the city. The building that these murals are on used to house AV Ristorante (aka AV’s). It was a great, old-school Italian place. Best dish: linguine w/white clam sauce. Across the street was a classic leather bar – either in or next to (I can’t remember) a red brick firehouse that had to have dated from 1800s. It was a great block – not entirely safe, but full of character. And, now, those buildings are gone or coming down. For what? More non-descript offices and condos? I’m not a fan. The DC-ness is gone.

New York Avenue & 6th St, NW